Sunday, May 25, 2014

“Drenched in Light”

The Fifth Dimension - Let the Sun Shine In


In my meditation and self Reiki this morning, so many beautiful things. The most beautiful of all: the Universe has infinite knowledge to share with us during this time.

Today, just for today, how will you open all of your Self to receiving this knowledge? How will you sit quietly and connect to the Universe, which is all the time trying to speak with you directly?

This morning, an amazing down pouring from dimensions yet unknown and imagined. What did I receive: STUFF. It’s the only way to describe all the items, sounds, words, images that flowed into me in a steady stream of laser light.

When I asked what is it all, the response was that I need not worry about that. All that I received: I have the power to interpret and use when needed. Spontaneous access and interpretation.

This reminded me of a meditation experience I had last year. I entered a space much like the one the Fifth Dimension is dancing in the video. Instead of the sun, there was a huge face, a woman’s face, like a big beautiful Buddha. Her face took up every inch of space and seemed to surround me.

When I approached closer, She opened Her eyes so quickly that it frightened me. Before I could say anything, however, She winked at me, smiled, then returned to “sleep”.

The Universe winked at me and smiled.

This was no joke. Instead, She was telling me “I see you” and that She was acknowledging me.

This connection with Life and its Source was different than any I had ever made before and I am still integrating it into my life. The Universe may have taken me into Herself in a wink, but I can’t do the same with Her.

So, knowing what to do with that information is a constant opening and reopening, a constant remaking and recreating, of myself to Life.

Even more, it is a constant recommitment to dispel fear and to not live in fear. To be drenched in light, to allow that light to touch places we often keep hidden, is to announce to what tethers us to fear “I see you”.

What next you ask? Well, sometimes just acknowledging something releases its power on us. We don’t leave it space to haunt us at night or in every move we make.

Today, just for today, how will you let the “sun shine in"? What small space in your life do you want to bring out into the light so that the warmth of the sun can melt it away?

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